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Guestbook for Grand Teton Races Sept 4-5, 2010. 100 & 50 Ultras
Tony Jewell Photography
Wow - what a glorious two days at Grand Targhee! I really felt like I was the lucky one. Hiking up in the pre-dawn hours and watching the sunrise as all the racers came by each morning was nothing less than incredible. I did my best to get everyone, but I know I missed a few of you - sorry if you're not here. (Some shots maybe a little blurry too.) I may offer the option to download digital images in the future - let me know if that's something you would like and I can offer this for purchase as well as the prints and the other stuff. I was inspired by each and everyone of you - I hope to see you again next year! Tony
P.S. Once an image is opened, you can get information including the time I took the shot, by putting your mouse on the photo and moving it to the information icon on the upper right. Cheers!
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